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Our Portfolio

At FAMCORP, our expansive portfolio is a testament to our dynamic and multifaceted approach in the business world. Our expertise extends across a diverse range of industries, reflecting our commitment to growth, innovation, and excellence. We are not just participants but leaders in various sectors, steering our ventures towards new heights of success.

Our business activities encompass a wide array of transactions, including private equity investments, strategic partnerships, and direct ownerships. We pride ourselves on our ability to identify and nurture potential, transforming ideas into thriving businesses. Our portfolio is not just a collection of companies; it's a mosaic of our journey, showcasing our strategic foresight and business acumen.

Below is a list of companies we directly own, each representing a unique facet of our extensive operations. These entities are more than just part of our business; they are integral to our identity and are pivotal in shaping the landscape of their respective industries:

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