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Our Story

Founded in 1975 by Mr. Faisal AlMatrook, FAMCORP began its journey in Bahrain as the Faisal AlMatrook Establishment, embarking on a path of growth and diversification that would span decades and cross international borders.

Initially rooted in concrete manufacturing, our company rapidly expanded its horizons into the trading of building materials, catering to the burgeoning construction industry. Recognizing the need for comprehensive solutions, we also ventured into the hire of heavy earthmoving equipment, servicing the civil engineering and road construction sectors.

With an eye for opportunity and a commitment to diversification, FAMCORP soon added a new dimension to its operations, supplying an array of catering equipment and accessories to the airline catering industry. By 1977, our entrepreneurial spirit led us to further expand our portfolio into the plastics manufacturing sector.

The year 1987 marked a significant milestone in our history as we extended our operations to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This strategic move not only broadened our geographical reach but also enriched our service offerings, encompassing concrete manufacturing, civil contracting, and soon, a foray into the mechanical engineering and steel fabrication industry by 1989.

The 1990s ushered in a new era of growth and partnerships. Collaborating with the internationally renowned Air Products Inc., we began distributing high integrity industrial gases, catering to a wide array of industries both within the UAE and internationally.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence was further exemplified in 1995 when we secured a landmark contract with Dubai Aluminium. This venture enabled us to manufacture the region’s first superstructures for aluminum production, firmly establishing FAMCORP as a leader in this domain.

The turn of the millennium saw us expanding our physical footprint, with the establishment of a new facility spanning over a million square feet, aimed at bolstering our manufacturing capabilities. By 2003, FAMCORP had grown to include one of the largest precast companies in the UAE, specializing in the manufacturing of diverse precast elements.

The past decade has been a transformative period for our group. We established our holding company and investment arm, strategically positioning ourselves to better manage and nurture our diverse interests. In 2013, this entity was aptly renamed FAMCORP, reflecting our evolved identity and global aspirations.

Today, FAMCORP proudly holds major stakes in numerous companies across various disciplines and countries. As a limited liability entity, we have continued to expand, notably incorporating the esteemed real estate development business of the late Mr. Ali AlMatrook in Bahrain, a legacy that we proudly carry forward.

Our story is one of vision, versatility, and unwavering commitment to excellence. As FAMCORP, we continue to build on our rich heritage, steering towards a future where innovation, growth, and sustainability remain the cornerstones of our success.

Our Founder

Mr. Faisal AlMatrook, the esteemed founder of FAMCORP, is an example of entrepreneurial excellence and leadership. His journey began in 1975 when he established FAMCORP, nurturing it from its inception to its current status as a multifaceted conglomerate. His astute business acumen and extensive experience span a wide array of sectors, including investment, construction, real estate development, manufacturing, engineering, hospitality, and oil and gas.

Mr. AlMatrook's profound expertise is not only limited to the operations of FAMCORP. He holds several influential positions, serving as a director and member of the executive committee in various international companies. This role has allowed him to impart his extensive knowledge and strategic insight across the global business landscape.

Born and raised in Bahrain, Mr. AlMatrook's educational foundation was laid in his homeland, where he completed his primary education. He furthered his academic pursuit in the United Kingdom, where he obtained a degree in Business Administration. This international exposure has endowed him with a global perspective that has been instrumental in his business dealings.

Apart from his corporate endeavors, Mr. AlMatrook is deeply committed to philanthropy. He honorably heads the charity fund established by his late father, Mr. Ali AlMatrook, and also oversees his own charitable foundation. These funds significantly contribute to various social, educational, and economic causes, reflecting Mr. AlMatrook's dedication to giving back to the community and supporting sustainable development initiatives.

As the guiding force behind FAMCORP, Mr. Faisal AlMatrook's journey is one marked by resilience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. His leadership continues to steer FAMCORP towards new horizons, making significant contributions to the industries it operates in and the communities it serves.

Board of Directors

Faisal AlMatrook


As the founder of FAMCORP, Mr. Faisal AlMatrook has played a crucial role in its inception and development since 1975. With a rich background in diverse sectors including construction, real estate, and manufacturing, he brings a broad spectrum of experience to the company. Mr. AlMatrook also holds key positions in various international endeavors, contributing his expertise to various organizations. Educated in Bahrain and the UK, he balances his business acumen with a commitment to philanthropy, overseeing charitable initiatives in education and social welfare.

Mohamed Standard Photo (Online).jpg

Mohamed AlMatrook


Mohamed Al Matrook's diverse experience in business sectors is a cornerstone of his role at FAMCORP, where he skillfully oversees daily operations and drives the growth of its subsidiaries. He has a keen interest in the latest cutting-edge technologies, a passion that influences and enhances his approach to business development and innovation. Deeply committed to social and environmental causes, Mohamed actively directs and supports the family's charitable initiatives, with a focus on water scarcity, children’s health, and environmental conservation, including efforts with the WWF. A Northeastern University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Economics, his career started with gaining essential financial expertise at HSBC.


Dana AlMatrook


Dana Al Matrook brings a rich blend of expertise in finance, investments, and internet technologies, complemented by her global business perspective. Her extensive experience in private equity and corporate advisory includes impactful roles in large-scale acquisitions at Dubai International Capital, where she was involved with high-profile projects like The Tussauds Group, Travelodge UK, and Rivoli Group. During her time at JPMorgan London, she was instrumental in establishing the European SMID-cap strategy coverage in 2007. In addition to her financial career, Dana runs "The Line Concept," a company specializing in luxury furniture and interior fit-outs, showcasing her flair for design and attention to quality. Her involvement in the family business also extends to a keen interest in income-generating real estate transactions.


Abdulla AlMatrook


Abdulla Al Matrook has been an essential part of FAMCORP's team since 2014, bringing his substantial financial expertise to the forefront as the Director of Finance. His role is crucial in steering the company's investment planning and cash flow management, and he plays a significant part in the business development of FAMCORP’s subsidiaries. His ability to manage and grow a diverse portfolio of global personal and business assets is a testament to his strategic financial acumen. A graduate of the American University in Dubai, Abdulla's educational background lays a solid foundation for his understanding of financial and business dynamics on an international scale. Beyond his professional endeavors, Abdulla is passionate about music, a pursuit that enriches his creative thinking and contributes to his holistic approach to business and life.

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