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FAMCORP was founded by Mr. Faisal Al Matrook in Bahrain as the Faisal Al Matrook Establishment and has been in business since 1975.

The company initially engaged in concrete manufacturing then expanded into trading of building materials to the construction industry, and the hire of heavy earth moving equipment to the civil engineering and road construction sectors. Soon after, it added trading to its portfolio by supplying various catering equipment and accessories to the airline catering industry. By 1977, it had branched out into the manufacturing of plastics.

In 1987 the company extended its operations to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, where it expanded the reach and range of its activities which began with concrete manufacturing and was soon followed by civil contracting. By 1989 the company had expanded into the mechanical engineering & steel fabrication industry.

In 1990, it expanded by teaming up with Internationally renowned Air Products Inc. for the distribution of high integrity industrial gases to various industries within the UAE and beyond.

By 1995, it had secured its first contract from Dubai Aluminium to manufacture the first regionally produced superstructures to produce aluminium and has continued to be the leader in the manufacturing of superstructures, pot shells, anode stems, buzz bars, and various other components to the regional aluminium industry as a whole.

In the year 2000 it established its new facility of over a million square feet for the expansion of its manufacturing businesses. 2003 saw the company grow even more by establishing one of the largest precast companies in the UAE for the manufacturing of hollow core, pre-stressed and various other types of elements.

Within the past decade the group established its holding company and investment arm to better manage its interests. In 2013 the holding company was renamed FAMCORP and now has major stakes in various companies with multiple disciplines in many countries.

The company was restructured to become a limited liability entity and continuously expanded in Bahrain by taking late Mr. Ali Al Matrook's real estate development business which continues, in a major way, to this day 40 years on.

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Faisal Al Matrook


Mr. Al Matrook has the distinction of single-handedly founding FAMCORP back in 1975 and bringing it to where it is today. Mr. Al Matrook brings through his entrepreneurship a wealth of experience and knowledge of how to establish, run, and direct businesses in many disciplines spanning investment, construction, real estate development, manufacturing, engineering, hospitality, oil and gas, amongst many others. He holds several key positions as director and member of the executive committee in various companies internationally. He was born and raised in Bahrain where he completed his primary education and then completed his higher education in business administration in the United Kingdom. He also heads his late father's (Mr. Ali Al Matrook) charity fund as well as his own that supports various social, educational, and economic causes.

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